‘Learning Beyond the Classroom’

Parents and carers you are your child’s first teacher.

We want all our children to develop a real love of learning, indoors, outdoors, at school, at home, wherever they are and whatever they are doing!

Feedback from parental surveys tells us that many parents would like more information about how to support their child’s learning at home. We have therefore invested in a ‘Learning beyond the Classroom’ Booklet for every child. We hope this will help ‘connect’ learning at home with learning at school.

The ‘Learning beyond the Classroom’ booklet covers all the Early Years Areas of Development for Reception children and all Subject Areas of the Primary Curriculum for children in Year 1 and Year 2.

It gives suggestions for a wide range of interesting activities that can be carried out at home. It is based on the learning objectives for each year group and includes useful online links to educational websites. It can be completed alongside normal homework tasks.

Please encourage your child/children to work through their booklet, either with their family or on their own, doing as much as they like. The children can bring in any of the work that they have done and talk to staff in school about what they have found out and experienced.

We shall be monitoring the impact of these booklets carefully and we hope that you find them useful. Please let us know what you think!