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Burlington Infants School – Mission Statement

Our School Motto:
‘Always do your best and be your best’

Our School Vision:

To be the best school we can be with:

Children who are the best they can be and who are; happy, safe, nurtured and cared for, given every opportunity to achieve their potential, supported, challenged, enriched and well prepared for the next stage of their education and to take an active part in our local community.

Staff who are the best they can be by; being recruited with belief in the vision, dedicated to serving our community, valued, supported, positive, caring, and committed to continuous professional development with high expectations and an understanding of teaching a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum, preparing children for the future.

Parents and carers who are the best they can be and who are; confident that they are welcomed, valued, encouraged to contribute their thoughts and ideas, supportive of the vision and integral to the life of the school.

Governors who are the best they can be by being; enthusiastic, dedicated and ambitious, able to promote and challenge the school and it’s vision, supportive of the head and the staff, committed to sustaining and improving progress and achievement and who are an integral part of the school.

We are a happy, caring and friendly school. This is the result of everyone working closely together, as a whole school team, to take shared responsibility for implementing the vision of our school in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for the children.

Our School Aims

  • To give pupils effective support and advice to promote the best possible academic progress, personal development, behaviour and attendance in order to reach their potential;
  • To develop a curriculum that is broadly based and provides equality of access and opportunity for all pupils to learn, enjoy and make progress;
  • To encourage pupils to develop principles which distinguish right from wrong, to take responsibility for their actions and to participate fully in the school community;
  • To teach pupils to respect themselves and each other and to appreciate their own cultural traditions and the diversity and richness of other cultures;
  • To promote discipline and good behaviour and eliminate all forms of oppressive behaviour including all forms of harassment and bullying;
  • To incorporate the concept of continuous improvement into school development planning. Achievement will be monitored continuously and evaluated to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • To set realistic but challenging targets for development and improvement;
  • To support development through careful financial planning, continually attempting to provide good value for money;
  • To develop effective links with parents, carers and the wider school community to support pupils’ learning.
  • To ensure good transition arrangements for children joining and leaving our school ensuring continuity and progression.