As a school, we prioritise the importance of good attendance, as we strongly believe that establishing a pattern of regular attendance during the first few years at school is the key to every child achieving his or her full potential.

We promote good attendance with weekly certificates for best class attendance and termly certificates and rewards for individual children with 100% attendance and most improved attendance

By law, parents are expected to inform the school when their child is absent. A letter or a phone call to the school (Tel: 01262 673858) explaining their absence is sufficient. We have been advised by the Education Welfare Officer that, for reasons of health and safety, parents should inform the school as soon as possible on each day of their child’s absence.

If your child has a planned medical or dental appointment, please inform the school beforehand and, if possible, bring your child into school first so that they get their attendance mark for that session. Children must be collected from school for all appointments via the reception desk where they must be ‘signed out’ in the pupil signing out book before leaving the school.

Parents are also expected, by law, to ensure that their child arrives at school on time and correctly dressed. School doors open at 8.50 am and Registration is at 9.00 am. Children arriving after 9:05 am will be marked as late. Children arriving after 9:30 am will be marked as an ‘unauthorised absence’ unless of course there is a genuine reason for this which should be reported to the school office.

Please note, parents are no longer allowed to take children on holiday during term time unless in exceptional circumstances, agreed with the Headteacher.

The school receives regular visits from the Education Welfare Officer from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, whose duty is to monitor, with the school, the attendance and punctuality of all pupils. The Education Welfare Officer also monitors those children who are regularly late, either first thing in the morning or being collected at the end of the school day.

If you have any concerns or are worried about your child’s attendance please contact us or our Parent Support Advisor, Maxine Clark.

Holidays during term-time and authorised absence from school

You are required under the Education Act (1996) to ensure your child attends school regularly. There is, however, a discretionary power held by Headteachers to authorise absence in exceptional circumstances.

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If you are thinking about taking a holiday in term time – please consider the following:

While you are away for 1 week your child will miss approximately:

5 hours of maths
5 hours of literacy
10 hours of science, religious education, music, art, physical education, geography, history, design & technology and information technology

If your child has a holiday of 2 weeks during term time and has a 1 week period of sickness in one school year they will miss:

15 hours of literacy
15 hours of maths
30 hours of learning other subjects
If this pattern were to be repeated throughout your child’s school life they would miss 36 weeks of their education!

One School Year = 39 school weeks!

Ask yourself – Can my child keep up with other children if they miss out on 60 hours of education a year?

Thinking of taking a holiday in term time? Please think again!

If a holiday in term time is unavoidable, please request this in writing to the headteacher. Please be aware that all holidays in term time will be considered unauthorised*. This means that in the school register it will show your child as having an unauthorised absence, which will affect their attendance record.

*Except in extenuating circumstances, agreed by the Headteacher.