School Uniform

We have an optional school uniform which is designed to be simple and practical. It helps to create a sense of identity and belonging and consists of;

  • Dark green sweatshirt with school logo or dark green cardigan.
  • Gold or white polo shirts (with or without school logo);
  • Dark green or grey skirts;
  • Dark grey or black trousers;
  • Green/white check dresses for the girls in summer
  • Indoor plimsolls for bad weather in a named plimsoll bag
  • Green fleece jacket (optional)

Please clearly label all items of clothing.

We ask that children are sensibly dressed, with black school shoes, and can manage their own clothing when dressing and undressing for PE and when using the toilet.

We do provide aprons when children are doing messy activities but occasional accidents may result in clothes getting marked.

We try to provide paints and glues which will wash or soak out of clothes.


Our P.E. kit  comprises of a yellow t-shirt and green shorts, available from local suppliers. A pair of trainers will be required for games and sports activities on the field, mainly during the summer term.

Jewellery and other valuable items should be kept at home and we ask you to ensure that your child does not come to school wearing jewellery.

NO jewellery is allowed to be worn during PE lessons.

Lost Property

Lost property is retained in school for at least a term and is kept in a clear plastic box in the Entrance Hall.  After a term, any unclaimed items are recycled.