Our History

Our school was originally called Priory Infants School and was situated in the grounds of Bridlington Priory Church. We still have the Priory on our school badge and we maintain strong links with it.

Every Christmas we hold a Carol Concert there and we ask the Reverend to take part in our Harvest Festivals and lead regular whole school assemblies. We also try to have a Community Governor from the Priory Church whenever possible.

In 1910, Burlington Council Infants School was opened on Marton Road, with Burlington Council Junior School on the same site, close to the heart of Bridlington Old Town. In the 1980’s, the Local Authority decided to build a separate new building for the Infants. The present school building was opened in December 1995 and the old Infant building was taken over by the Junior School.

The old Infant School, now part of Burlington Junior School


The current school building is attractive, practical and consists of three pairs of semi-open plan classrooms with two additional classrooms in opposite corners of the building. The school was given a generous setting up allowance and we are still benefiting from this as the school is very well resourced.

We have continued to move forward and the school site has seen many changes and developments. In 2007, our courtyard area was re-designed and landscaped, using ideas by the children, to create an exciting ‘outdoor’ classroom. We are currently looking at ways to develop an outdoor learning area on our school field which we share with the Juniors.

Our Courtyard


In 2010, we received joint funding with Burlington Pre-school, a private and voluntary setting, for the building of a large extension at the front of the school. This provided us with a nurture room, called the Jigsaw Room, and an ICT Suite, as well as a permanent home for Burlington Pre-school. In 2017, we had a small extension built at the back of the school to provide much needed Office Space and Meeting Rooms, alongside a Servery Area to help us with our busy lunchtimes.

Happy Birthday

In May 2010, we celebrated our Centenary and 100 years of successful education at Burlington. Our school has always had a family atmosphere and many parents and grandparents of our present pupils attended Burlington when they were young. We hold a Family Assembly every Friday to celebrate birthdays and good work and behaviour.

We are also more than pleased to see family and friends at the various traditional events we hold.